First 2 weeks fixtures

Tuesday 7th April
Gardeners Allenby V Edinburgh Park Garston V Larkhill Alder A Huyton V Calderfield
Halewood 2 V Richmond 2 West Derby BC V Northway CTK Larkhill Alder B V Walton Hall
Richmond V Prescot Manor West Derby Recs V Halewood Sefton Vets V Springwood
ASM V WVC Grant V Olympic Roby V Arriva
Brenesc V Bye
Tuesday 14th April
WVC V Richmond Halewood V West Derby BC Springwood V Larkhill Alder B
Prescot Manor V Halewood 2 Larkhill Alder A V Grant Calderfield V Roby
Richmond 2 V Bye Olympic V Garston Arriva V Huyton
Brenesc V Gardeners Allenby Northway CTK V West Derby Recs Walton Hall V Sefton Vets
Edinburgh Park V ASM

Postponed games


As far as I can establish due to the lack of communication from some teams only one game was played on Tuesday 10th June , Richmond 2 v Brenesc.  Therefore I suggest that the whole of the remaining programme for that date can be played on Tuesday 1st October 2019. It may well be that because of some greens closing earlier than this date that some games will have to be re-arranged, please sort that out yourselves if that is the case.


First Fixtures

The League fixtures will commence on the 9th April 2019 and are as follows :

Tuesday 9th April                
Division 1       Division 2     Division 3  
ASM   Grant   Edinburgh Park Halewood 2   Wavertree Arriva
Brenesc   West Derby Recs   Calderfield Northway CTK   Larkhill Alder B Huyton
Gardeners Allenby   Richmond 2   Sefton Vets Larkhill Alder A   Halewood Springwood
Richmond   WVC   Roby Olympic   WaltonHall West Derby BC
Prescot Manor   Garston