Thursday League News

First Fixtures

Thursday 2nd April
Larkhill A v Larkhill B
Huyton C and B v Prescot Manor
Sefton Vets Bye
Walton Vets v Riuchmond
W.D. Recs v W.Derby BC
Gardeners v Court Hey BC
Thursday 9th April
Larkhill B v Walton Vets
Prescot Manor v Gardeners
WD Recs v Bye
Richmond v Larkhill A
W Derby BC v Sefton Vets
Court Hey Bc v Huyton C and B

Pre Season Meeting

The pre season meeting for the Liverpool Thursday league will take place at 1.30pm on Friday 20th March 2020 at the Richmond.  The draw for the Norpride Cup will take place at the meeting.

Norpride Cup

In the final of the Norpride Cup, Prescot Manor defeated West Derby Recs 236 to 230

In the final of the Dave Drummond Trophy Brian Fisher of Sefton  Vets defeated Dave Mutch of Larkhill Alder 21- 18. The semi finalists were Barbara Dunn and Jim McGreery.

Norpride Cup Semi Finals

Prescot Manor 241        Larkhill  Alder A 223

West Derby Recs 282   Larkhill  Alder B 252

The final will take place on Thursday 12th September at West Derby Bc Haymans Green.


The above will take place on Thursday 8th August on the greens at Walton Hall Park.  Scratch time will be 12.30.p.m. with a start at 12.45p.m.

It would help if entries are forwarded to me by the 6th August but entries will be accepted on the day.

Games will be 21 up, lst Division players off 3, Division 2 players off 6.  Lets have a good turn out for Dave.

Keith Jones.

Norpride Cup Semi Finals 25.7.19

West Derby Recs 40 Larkhill B 85
Prescot Manor 10 Larkhill A 40


The Tidman Trophy will take place on the greens of Walton Hall on Thursday 13th June 2019. Players to report by 12.30pm and play will start at 12.45.p.m. Entrance fee £1.  Please ask your members to support this event.

Re additional fixtures.

The additional fixtures detailed on this page will be played on a 6 at home, 6 away basis with one point for every winner and two points for the winning total aggregate.  Should the aggregate be tied an additional one point per team will be awarded.

Additional Fixtures

11th July
Division 1 Division 2
Prescot Manor v Richmond Sefton Vets v Huyton
KG5 v Larkhill B
Walton Vets v W. Derby Recs
18th July
W.Derby Recs v KG5
Sefton Vets v Walton Vets
1st August
Brenesc v WD Haymans Huyton v W. Derby Recs
Larkhill B v Walton Vets
KG5 v Sefton Vets
15th August
Richmond v Brenesc Larkhill B v Sefton Vets
Prescot Manor v Larkhill A Walton Vets v KG5
WD Haymans v Gardeners
22nd August
Larkhill A v Richmond
Brenesc v Gardeners
Prescot Manor v WD Haymans
29th August
Prescot Manor v Brenesc Larkhill B v W. Derby Recs
Gardeners v Richmond Huyton v KG5
WD Haymans v Larkhill A
5th September
Brenesc v Larkhill A Huyton v Walton Vets
Gardeners v Prescot Manor Sefton Vets v W. Derby Recs
12th September
Norpride Cup Final Larkhill B v Huyton
19th September
Gardeners v Larkhill A
WD Haymans v Richmond

Norpride Cup

The quarter finals of the Norpride Cup will take place on Thursday 30th May 2019.

West Derby Recs 40 v Gardeners 10

Larkhill B 85 v Brenesc -5

Prescot Manor 10 v KG 5 55

West Derby Haymans 50 v Larkhill A 40

Due to the hospitalisation of the Thursday League Secretary Dave Drummond, his duties are temporarily being undertaken by Keith Jones tel 07999724879.  All results of games should be sent to Keith via text or e mail –